I have tried Hay Pockets on several of the show horses in our program. Not only does it simulate the natural way a horse should eat; grazing, but we have found it has stopped many bad stall habits.  The hay bags have slowed down, and in some cases stopped cribbing.  They have completely stopped the banging and pawing right before feeding, and I feel they have helped horses who have appeared to have ulcers.  They are easy to install and easier to fill than conventional hay bags.  Thanks to you for this great idea.

-- Jann, JC Cutting Hosrses

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how the hay pockets are working out. They are great! I hang them in the stall which makes stall cleaning so much easier. I used to put the hay on the stall floor where a lot of it got wasted. Now there is less waste & the horses don't devour it so fast. As you know, I initially was a little concerned because I have a goat. Goats can be a real challenge at times, but my little goat "Zoey" didn't try to chew the hay pockets at all. She's been perfectly content just eating hay out the pockets along with my horses. Life is good :)

-- Sincerely,Sherry


Don't let your animals waste hay, get Hay Pocket!


HAY POCKETS are small mesh hay feeders that keep your horse busy with hay longer and allow the horse to “graze” in a more natural fashion. 

Hang your HAY POCKET in shelters, on fences, or in stalls. Works great for horses that are under OR overweight - and the horses love it! 

HAY POCKETS are durable, easy to install, and easy to use.

Reduces hay waste, putting money back in your pocket. 

eating hay

New Size 35% larger!


Hay Pockets are made in the USA of materials from the USA and Canada. There are two sizes available - the large pocket is 36" wide x 30" and the standard pocket is 32" wide x 24".  They are easily filled by opening the wooden dowels, and there are no knots in the netting so there is nothing for the horse to bite into or rub his muzzle on.  Mesh size is 1-1/2" and is made of tough, durable nylon cord with some stretch.  Each Hay Pocket includes mounting hardware: 3 screw eyes and 3 double end snaps.

Large Hay Pockets are only $69.95, and Standard Hay Pockets are $61.95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping.

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Hay Pocket is also great for goats and other foraging animals!


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